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The Institute for Small Town Studies, is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit corporation founded in
Fairfield, Iowa in 2003. We provide community design assistance and small town planning services,
pursue historic preservation, and develop educational programs based on small town themes.

We are striving to become a valuable resource for small towns and for those who study them.
For too long, the study of small towns has taken place in remote locations, by disparate voices,
at best loosely organized, with marginal resources and means. At ISTS, we are working to bring
these efforts together. We are building a library and small town archives. We publish a quarterly
journal, called fishwrap. In Iowa, we opened a classroom and exhibition space in a restored railcar.
In Marenisco, Michigan, we have begun restoration of a 1922 school house, with the goal of creating
a destination from which to expand our educational offerings - a place where people can come to share
their ideas and learn about the best practices and best practitioners working with small towns. We also
host an annual Small Town Symposium for scholars and citizens to share their research and resources.

Ours is a young organization, and a grass roots network of resources. If you know others who
would benefit from our work, or who would be able to contribute to our efforts, please contact:

Robert Dorgan, Director
The Institute for Small Town Studies
100 Stubbings Street, PO Box 100, Marenisco, MI 49947
(906) 236-1370,

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